Introducing genomics for the Perspectives on Science EPQ

This resource was written by Rugby School, the Institute of Education and University of York Science Education Group on behalf of Nowgen for the Nowgen Schools Genomics Programme. The materials extend students knowledge and understanding in the area of genomics.

The student guide contains information and activities that are designed to enhance students’ knowledge of genomics, to develop their skills of research, analysis and communication, and to suggest starting points for project work.

The teacher notes are divided into suggested lessons (nominally 40 minutes in duration) and contain advice and guidance for teachers.

Topics covered in these materials include:

  • From genes to genomes
  • Genetic disorders and choice
  • What does risk mean?
  • Personalised medicine
  • Researching genetics and behaviour
  • Addiction
  • Laboratory-based projects

This resource has been designed to support Perspectives on Science specifications leading to the Extended Project Qualification.